The Inchworm Blog: Because children grow inch-by-inch

I’ve written for a range of venues, academic journals, online, magazines, newspapers and an entire book. I write about toddlers, children, working mothers and parenting but never as a blog. On a daily basis, I observe or think about issues related to children or myself as a parent that I imagine would be interesting to a wider range of parents.  Yet, I’ve never put the proverbial pen to paper until now.

I began writing How Toddlers Thrive on cross country airplane trips, to visit a cousin and her family.  She was ill at the time (better now) and I wanted to help with their kids.  The distance across country felt so far away, the only way to be a support was to be there in person.  And anyhow, I had these ideas for a book.  The plane rides became a bit of a haven for me.  When you’re a parent, there is little alone time.  Before children, I had time before work, after work and in between as un-devoted time I could grab for myself.  Since becoming a mother over 17 years ago, the allotment of the hours in the day changed. Work time, family time. So the plane ride provided me that ‘other time’, a captivated space without responsibilities.  No laundry, bills to pay, piles of last week’s mail or toys to put away. No distractions. Just stuck on an airplane. And I began to write a book. [Read more…]

How to Parent a Temperamental Toddler

The Chicago Tribune interviewed Tovah Klein for some comforting advice on handling a child’s temper tantrums and a better understanding of how a toddler’s developing mind is key for parents to navigate the challenges of raising their child.


5 ways to understand toddlers

The Washington Post
“A key test is resisting the temptation to control everything,” said Tovah Klein, also known as “The Toddler Whisperer.” She would know, with three kids and more than two decades of research as the Director of Columbia University’s Barnard Center for Toddler Development. She’s an expert from the land of tiny people.

At a recent interview in New York, the 50-year-old mom to a trio of boys looked like she never skipped a night’s sleep. Impressive, because in addition to being a Psychology professor at Columbia, Klein is also on tour promoting her book “How Toddlers Thrive,” just released in paperback. According to her research, the early years are critical for predicting self-regulation later in life. [Read more…]